The Bob-haircut pages

older contributions of dear supporters of this pages

Here the not so recent contributions I still had no time to sort in my other pages:

amover.jpg cmover.jpg fmover.jpg jmover1.jpg smover1.jpg

banbo.jpg aerobicbob.jpg bloomingbob1.jpg marcusbob1.jpg marcusbob2.jpg

neimanbob1.jpg neimanbob2.jpg neimanbob3.jpg neimanbob4.jpg neimanbob5.jpg neimanbob6.jpg

saksbob2.jpg saksbob3.jpg saksbob4.jpg

vic.jpg vict2.jpg victoria1.jpg victoria3.jpg victoria.jpg

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is always welcome. Tell me what you like/dislike and what mistakes I made. I am eager to hear your opinion !

If you have a cool picture of yourself that you'd like to have included, feel free to send it to me. I would also like to ask you to point me at other websites, if you found some that I haven't noticed yet - as there are new ones emerging every day !

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