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I get so many pictures of you dear contributors, that I decided to start a new section just to decrease all that picture traffic jam that built up over the last months. . .
I am sorry that I do not have a lot of time but through this everyone can alway see the latest pictures, instead of them waiting on my harddisk at home so long until you finally can see them. Another advantage is that I don't have to keep them here very long and so my disk space is not growing over my limit that soon.

I hope you all enjoy this part, its dedicated for you all that send me those pictures, I do not know whom I sent some in return and which ones, So you can take a look here and download the ones you missed. Thank you so much.

After some time I will insert these here into the other sections, If the quality is good enough and my space lets me do it. Enjoy !

chicky.jpg bob_2.jpg napepicl.jpg dorte.jpg canadabob2.jpg 15.jpg

dutchboy.jpg dutchboyb_w.jpg 33335.jpg shair1.jpg jojoafter.jpg

3933.jpg jcpbangbob2.jpg jcpbangbob3.jpg jcpbangbob4.jpg 3957.jpg matrixbo.jpg

bob1.jpg bob2.jpg bob3.jpg bob5.jpg burgundy.jpg hf2.jpg mcphaulbob2.jpg

mcphaulbob3.jpg share3.jpg 2164-70s_3.jpg 2164-70s_4.jpg 2244-70s_1.jpg 2260-75s_2.jpg

scul1.jpg scul2.jpg scul5.jpg new-6.jpg color4b.jpg jcpbangbob1.jpg mcphaulbob1.jpg

The older pictures can also still be accessed.

Feedback is always welcome. Tell me what you like/dislike and what mistakes I made. I am eager to hear your opinion !

If you have a cool picture of yourself that you'd like to have included, feel free to send it to me. I would also like to ask you to point me at other websites, if you found some that I haven't noticed yet - as there are new ones emerging every day !

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