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Pictures of people in public (TV, FILM, PRESS)

The first picture shows Christina Applegate from "Married with Children" (TV Series), as she looked before with a cute shorter cut. She also looked great with long hair, but nowadays (in my opinion) her hair is cut undescribably bad, as the second picture shows.

applegate.jpg kelly.gif

I myself like pageboys very much. In any form. The following pictures show Louise Brooks (actress of the 20ies) who perhaps reinvented this look and made it a famous classic.

brooks02.jpg 20s.gif lb_head.jpg lb2_side.jpg lbattea.jpg 2t.jpg demure.jpg port12.jpg port08.jpg still07.jpg

If you are more interested in this actress, you can go to the Louise Brooks Society homepages, where you can find a lot more about her.

The following part shows Phoebe Cates, a film actress who appeared in "Gremlins"I/II and "Drop dead Fred" and many more. She IS really beautiful, with long AND short hair, but - did you guess - I like her following look best:

ph41.jpg ph72.jpg ph75.jpg ph77.jpg ph80.jpg

To find some more pictures of her, you could try the Phoebe Cates Resource Directory They have more of her beauty collected in pictures as you can imagine.

Teri Hatcher is my personal favourite. I am a biiiiig fan of her, one of the biggest reasons of course is her haircut, which she was wearing when I first saw her in the TV series "Lois & Clark, The new Adventures of Superman" (which is also very good and funny). There she always had this timeless sexy bob, as the following pictures show. I hope she inspired a lot of women just through her beautiful appearance.

thatch19.gif thatch25.jpg thatch26.jpg

The hairdresser who ruined her hair should be tortured forever ! Who did this ?!? Well, judge yourself, by looking at the pictures taken before and after that happened:


Perhaps her next cut will be a short angled bob ? Who could be persuading her of this ? Oh well, If only she would know this site, perhaps she would decide for that herself. . .

Here we see some shots of Josie Bisset, from some of her films, with long and short, bobbed hair in different styles. She looks good in both, don't you agree ? She also plays a character in the series "Melrose Place".

ewjosiec.jpg josie2.jpg josie3.jpg josie_collage.jpg mel-2.jpg taichi.jpg robe.jpg rscover.jpg vegetables.jpg

And NOW: Cady McClain who plays Dixie in All My Children. As I heard / read, she went through a major makeover just recently, so noone recognized her at first ! The pictures were caught at Dave Hathaway´s pages... Thanks Dave !!!

dixie.jpg dixie1.jpg dixie2.jpg

Does anyone know some more of her, especially any pictures before her outragous new haircut ?

dixie3.jpg dixie4.jpg dixie5.jpg

Now one of my favourites: Natalie Portman !
It`s a really young and new actress who played one of the main roles in the Film "Leon - The Professional", which is a little brutal but also a very moral film.

natal20.jpg sitting.jpg

The Natalie Portman home page devoted to her also mentions that she also had her hair cut like that only for that film. Before she had over-shoulder length curly hair. Isn`t she a beauty ?

athome.jpg natal04.jpg natal12.jpg natal13.jpg natal14.jpg natal18.jpg natal19.jpg

Did you ever notice that also Sharon Stone wears a bob almost every time ? No ? Where were you looking at, then ? It`s one of the things that shows her beauty and that even just makes her versatile style possible.

stone001.jpg stone054.jpg stone084.jpg stone094.jpg

Last but not least - the a cute picture of Vivian Chow (a Hongkong pop star) from the time when she once had a pageboy.


is always welcome. Tell me what you like/dislike and what mistakes I made. I am eager to hear your opinion !

If you have a cool picture of yourself that you'd like to have included, feel free to send it to me. I would also like to ask you to point me at other websites, if you found some that I haven't noticed yet - as there are new ones emerging every day !

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