The Bob-haircut pages

Pictures of Pageboys, a special form of a bob

I myself like pageboys very much. In any form. They only slightly differ from the "bob" and are often also called bob. The pageboy cut has bangs and more blunt cut edges which do not angle upwards too much. Usually pageboys can also be a little longer, down to shoulder length, and they do not have the short trimmed neck underneath the top hair.

The following two pics show how incredibly beautiful this look can be:

cynthia.jpg heads16.jpg

The perfect geometric cut creates a cap of shiny hair - best looking if its thick and straight. Looks like some good art work, and always enhances the face through that lovely frame.

straigh_bob.jpg bob_b102.jpg gbob2.jpg ltf01.jpg tony_guybob.jpg

The "Flip" seems to come back these days - I dont know why it ever left. Its a easy style variation of a stright pageboy: only the ends are sprayed and blowdried to the outside - thats all. Really fascinating.

willow.jpg color3b.jpg 89flip.jpg 89flipb.jpg

The next section shows that a pageboy really is a very elegant style which fits perfectly to any evening dresses and elegant outfits.

bl57.jpg bl62.jpg bl69.jpg blonde_page.jpg med5.jpg med7.jpg

A pageboy doesn't always have to be straight blunt cut. If it is thinned out or slightly layered, it can also look very good. The perfect look depends on your face, anyway.

10.jpg blond_pag2.jpg blond_pag.jpg head5.jpg fann2.jpg wa427.jpg

Black and blonde - both colours can look equally good. And the extreme strong lines of the cut are best enhanced by the extreme colors. (But redheads are also nice, I have to admit, perhaps its best when the color is brightest and shiniest.)

bobbed2.jpg cei.jpg head3.jpg 1235.jpg 2bobs.jpg hotgt.jpg

My favourite pageboy also has some undercut short hair in the back; the top has to look like polished - perfect and flattering in all varieties.

col1.jpg col2.jpg gradbob2.jpg gradbob3.jpg

And here even some more new ones from my collection. . .

amica.jpg backlonger.jpg gs_d-l_1.jpg head1.jpg hain104.jpg strapb_1.jpg

Through another picture series I want to take a view on the more sexy side of the pageboy. As this WWW pages do and will not contain any nudity, the pictures do not show it, but you can imagine where they came from. ;-)
There are so many erotic aspects of this haircut - a lot of men love it and some women already know that. The professionals seem to know even better than the usual ones - they know how to attract and they dare to look that way, where so many others are still too afraid to try. (don`t you also associate a prostitute with a pageboy cut, and don`t many films show one with that haircut ?)

jo05.jpg jo03.jpg jo04.jpg jo06.jpg

Isn't she lovely ? She's called Joanne Guest, and she's a famous model - I know why.

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