The Bob-haircut pages

Other related WWW sites that may interest you:

New Entrys (just discovered pages)

Handsome Devil Hairsyles & Beards - A very complete and inspiring site about all kinds of different men's hairstyles

HairXstatic - gret new pages about Beutiful haircuts and makeovers - very nice style

UNISEX Friseure A great haircutting chain in Germany with tons of exiting pictures of real life client haircuts

Medusalon - nice pictures

Perfect Hair Cut: Getting Professional Hair Cut - Offers you all professional information, advices, trends and latest styles of how to get a perfect hair cut for you and your love ones.

New York City's salon for womens short haircuts - featuring client makeover pictures, mostly very short

Eine haarige Seite A German site devoted to all about haircutting. Very much content, very complete. Regularily updated.

SalonWeb The salon community with tips on hair, skin, and nails. Contains new hairstyles, featured salons, salon web sites

Shampooing & Salon Activity is about all activities in a hair salon, including live camera in a German salon

TAYA Hair Homepage Some asian site where I cannot read anything but nice pictures !

Personal favourites

*The haircut fun page is from Japan and holds uncountable makeovers, all done to Japanese or at least asian women. Also a big research site, more than you can see at once !

*ZVIP's Haircut Network THE address for all hair enthusiasts, large directory of several people archiving and presenting hairstyles, discussion board and chat.

* Swiss Hair Fashion Page: Great collection of styles, cuts, makeovers and more

Fashion and commercial sites with large hair related pages

*Vidal Sasson, is "THE" bob haircut reinstating and promoting salon and haircutting company since the 70's.

Special sites

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