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Discovered pages

Handsome Devil Hairsyles & Beards - A very complete and inspiring site about all kinds of different men's hairstyles

UNISEX Friseure A great haircutting chain in Germany with tons of exiting pictures of real life client haircuts

Offers you all professional information, advices, trends and latest styles of how to get a perfect hair cut for you and your love ones.

Personal favourites

*The haircut fun page is from Japan and holds uncountable makeovers, all done to Japanese or at least asian women. Also a big research site, more than you can see at once !

* Swiss Hair Fashion Page: Great collection of styles, cuts, makeovers and more

Fashion and commercial sites with large hair related pages

*Vidal Sasson, is "THE" bob haircut reinstating and promoting salon and haircutting company since the 70's.

Special sites

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