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How to cut a bob - feelings about the act


The waiting for the haircut is one of the best parts: Expecting the inevitable, thinking about what may happen, what the stylist will have in mind with your hair, what you will look like after the haircut. . .

Bangs. In Oxford English: "Fringe". Beautiful accessory and just as much possible trip of horror when the haircut is to begin. Will they look good on me ? Will there be cut off too much ? Will I look childish or stylish with them ? Shall I let it happen or not ?

bob-cut1.jpg cut-7bob.jpg cut-8bob.jpg

Well, Ladies, let me tell you one thing: Long, straight hair in one length can look very beautiful. But it can also become boring very soon, having nothing to play with, nothing to cut every now and then. There must be a million different kinds of bangs possible. The one blunt cut straight across the forehead is one of the cutest around. Give it a try ! It will always grow longer in some weeks.

Beginning to cut the bob, you will always have to pin up the upper hair and cut the lower layers first. Here you can create a weight line where you cut the upper layers one for one straight above, or you can trim all hair beyond some level very short or shave it off to reduce the thickness of the resulting style.

bob-cut2.jpg bob-cut3.jpg bob-cut4.jpg

To create the "rolling-under" of the top layers, they will have to be a little longer than the layers below them.


The buzzing of the nape is very erotic for many women and men. Try it out ! You do not have to dare much, as the other layers of hair can be kept longer, so it does only show to the ones who know the secret. . .


The "Bowl-Cut" is easy to create with a razor. The most difficult part is to keep the "bowl"-line even.

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