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bobs with short trimmed sides or nape and bowl-cuts

Many of you seem to like the shaven nape area that makes the bob so different from many other haircuts. At this point, the long hair meets very short hair, revealing the rough change a haircut can do to you.

I know some of you like to shave or almost shave the whole head, which can be a big and sensual experience, indeed. But for me, though, this always exposed significance of these two extremes in one haircut - where some of the hair stays long - makes it much more sexy.
The reason for this may be that it looks for me like the frozen act of a very changing haircut, which is the thing that I adore most, if I am so happy to participate in one happening to someone (or me).

The next pictures are excerpts from the formerly existing Crewctgal - list (yea - that was ages ago... unfortunately gone now) and show some shorter bobs. Some of them may show Sally herself, but I don't tell you which one. ;-)

mebobbed.gif step04.jpg carol.jpg nape8.jpg bobbngs3.jpg cut-6bob.jpg nape4.jpg nape5.jpg

The so-called "bowl-cut" at it's clearest coulourful beauty is show in the next pictures. What I described before about my feelings for the meeting of two extremes mostly based on the two pictures which follow.

image2.jpg bowl_cut.gif capback.jpg d1.jpg d2.jpg d3.jpg

It does not matter how much of the short hair is peeking out below, it always is a very sexy feature which these cuts have.

00031_1.jpg bellvueb.jpg phc073.jpg dem5.jpg aon_tes.jpg bob_03.jpg

These show some professional photos from some haircutting magazines. If only more haircutters (female & male) would know more about the sensual aspects of their work. . .

new003.jpg bob_r101.jpg bob2.gif backbuzz.jpg

Feedback is always welcome. Tell me what you like/dislike and what mistakes I made. I am eager to hear your opinion !

If you have a cool picture of yourself that you'd like to have included, feel free to send it to me. I would also like to ask you to point me at other websites, if you found some that I haven't noticed yet - as there are new ones emerging every day !

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