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Bobs with bangs (English: "Fringe")

Bangs... what a lovely, seductive and flattering feature of a haircut - especially on a bob ! A woman can look completely different every day with only few changes to be done. Bangs look good and feminine on nearly every face, but there are many different forms which do not all look equally good on every face-shape and style. To help you decide between different bangs I collected some to choose from:
The first five ones are my favourites; I love the blunt cut edge in combination with the short earlobes-long bobcut - its the most seductive one of all. Especially if there is a neat trimmed neckline, too.

gbob1.jpg aperfect.gif hotbt.jpg gbob3.jpg colorat.jpg

The next three are wigs. I can not be only random that there a lot of wigs sold in this style. It seems to me that there are a lot of women who are afraid of wearing that cut all day, but - why ? Go for it !

js_ale1.jpg js_reb_1.jpg js_60s_1.jpg

This cut is seen from the front and back - isn't it great ? And you can see that the bangs - as small as they are - are a feature that do a lot for the style in a whole. . .

prestige1.jpg prestige2.jpg

If you do not like the blunt cut style, you always have the option to reduce the weight of the bangs by cutting them diagonally or by thinning them out like the next two images show. Cute, isn't it ?

kelly.jpg color5b.jpg

There are different sizes possible of the section that is cut for bangs, that depends really on the look you want.

h17.gif 3e.jpg bobbed.gif

Bangs galore - feathered, mini, a little longish or just straight across - all of them are looking incredibly good, don't you agree ?

22.jpg blonde7.jpg blonde19.jpg navia_312.jpg

There are so many different styles with bangs and bobs - I cannot describe every feature they offer. Decide yourself which one you like best.

1022.jpg hotjt.jpg color2b.jpg plain.jpg

And now the question of the year: Why do the English people say "Fringe" and the Americans "Bangs" ? Any solutions ? I have none. Please enlighten me, I will inlcude the best answers here. . .

Feedback is always welcome. Tell me what you like/dislike and what mistakes I made. I am eager to hear your opinion !

If you have a cool picture of yourself that you'd like to have included, feel free to send it to me. I would also like to ask you to point me at other websites, if you found some that I haven't noticed yet - as there are new ones emerging every day !

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